Quick Wins

A small pot of money from the Scottish Government Rural Communities Testing Change 2021-22 has been made available to fund “Quick Win” projects. The projects must deliver lasting benefits to the community and to relate to the Room to Thrive strategy. The North and South Aberdeenshire Local Action Groups are currently reviewing the projects for approval.

The “Quick Wins” must be fully delivered by the end of March 2022. The projects will bring new equipment and create exciting opportunities for the community.


£ 25,000 funding available divided between projects

Projects delivered by the end of March 2022 improving life in Huntly

6 Projects funded

Discover what’s coming in Huntly

Town Centre digital information screens

This quick win proposal will bring into operation two digital community information screens in the town centre of Huntly, installed in the street-facing windows. In the first instance the screens will display:

  • details of upcoming community events
  • visitor information (e.g. town map, places of interest)
  • local business promotions organised by Huntly Business Association.

In the long term, they could be used in more creative ways. For example, to profile specific groups or aspects of community life either in static graphics or video with subtitles.

Stewart’s Hall video conferencing equipment

This quick win is the delivery and installation of video conferencing equipment which can be easily moved around. Available for any group or organisation to use.

The Stewart hall, in Huntly will be the main location for the set up of the video conferencing equipment. This equipment will be portable, and can be used in other locations and venues, so could benefit various projects.

Opening Square Deal garden to the public

The “Quick Win” aims to produce a welcoming open garden space for use by the community accessible from the Square. This will include a handmade picnic table and benches, and several planters and ground level and at accessible waist level to encourage growing local veg and herbs. Building on the idea of a'micro park', this green space will be open 24/7 and contribute to Huntly's goal for a 20 minute neighbourhood.

Huntly Hotel valuation

As part of the feasibility study of the Huntly Hotel, a full valuation of the building will be required. It will form the basis of negotiations with the owner over the purchase of the building. The whole community will benefit from this key building being renovated to a high standard and being brought back to its former glory and to see it run as a community owned facility.

Extra-curricular music technology equipment

This Quick Win will contribute to the purchase of extra-curricular Music Technology Equipment for the schools. Technology for all in the music club would develop skills for life, have an impact on developing young workforce and enable digital learning and experience. It would benefit all pupils by promoting inclusion and developing problem-solving skills and encourage young people to participate in music, especially for those who have not had the opportunity.

Benches for outdoors areas for both schools

Outdoor benches for social spaces for both the Secondary and the Primary Schools. The project would propose to space out the benches to allow them to be used a key meeting points and encourage students to gather outdoors at break times as well as allowing for outdoor learning and leisure activities for the community.

Occasionally, and when it is appropriate, the Huntly and surrounding communities use the Secondary School spaces for events and functions, which benefit a wide range of people. This means the benches would also be used by a larger catchment of the community and would enable more get-togethers in an outdoor ‘safe’ space.

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