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What can we do for Huntly's future?
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In 2018, the Room to Thrive strategy was launched, setting up ambitions and actions for the coming years. It has been almost four years, many things happened, and priorities changed. We're reviewing the strategy and its ambitions to ensure Huntly is still on the path to thriving for all.

We would like to know your ideas for improving life in Huntly. What is missing in town? What change would you love to see? What is important to achieve for the next couple of years? What can we do by 2030 to deliver our ambitions?

We've picked three themes to help you think about what Huntly should focus on in the future.

Please give a "like" to any ideas below that you support. If you've got another idea, please add it - others might like it too! We've started the ball rolling with some suggestions from Huntly Town Team.

Your ideas and likes will help to draft an update of the original Strategy's ambitions and To-Do lists. We'll share that with you on this website for comment in Spring 2022.

Jobs & Opportunities

How can we provide better jobs and economic opportunities for local people? That might involve a range of ideas - from childcare and support to help parents back to work, to apprenticeships for young and old, and shared workplaces for people working from home. Overall, we can create innovative ways that ensure all individuals are heard, and inequalities in accessing employment are addessed.

Tell us what ideas you would like to see in action to give everyone opportunities in life?

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Existing training in Huntly could link with higher educational establishments in Aberdeen

Make Huntly a Digital Town

Promote employability sessions hosted by GRA, an employability hub that works with DWP, Barnados, etc

Support property owners to ensure that available commercial buildings fit their purpose

The Remakery/Repair Shop aims to build a new 'green' path work

Make the empty buildings attractive to new, genuinely needed businesses in Huntly

Advertise apprenticeship schemes, coordinating local businesses with unemployed people and school leavers

Training opportunities in No.30 - Aberdeen companies could get involved to support their commuter employees

Add a job section on Experience Huntly about Health and Social Care opportunities

Ask the community what they feel are the barriers to employment in the area and the positives for jobs in the area.

The opportunities from Live Life Aberdeenshire could be better advertising in specific local communities

Build more housing in Huntly

Create a garden centre developing new jobs

Create local benefits offered to employees, i.e. discounts on shopping locally etc

Work on Improving public transport, especially bus links to outlying areas where no public transport exists

Create alternative or less conventional access to work for those not engaged in formal education, involving schools and businesses

Open a new school

Health & Wellbeing

How can we be healthier, physically and mentally? That might be about improving care for vulnerable people, more activities or places where people feel welcomed and included, better accessibility for disabled people, or lots of other ideas.

Tell us what ideas you would like to see in action to support our community to live healthy and fulfilling lives?

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Organise a get fit campaign

Upgrade the Guide hut or open a new one as a collaborative place for young people aged 5-16 years old

Create a low-cost social space for inclusive activities

Open alcohol-free places for all ages

Create a Huntly Food Plan

Add signage on buildings to make activities visible

Provide a sport and activities hub for kids and youths in the summer

Promote the uniform bank and baby clothing/equipment initiatives to those in need

Ask politicians to address the energy price rises and the rising cost of living

Organise “free” activities events during holidays for children and the community

Install physical access to information on what’s on and how to access it

Support Council facilities such as the Linden Centre and their user groups

Digital and non-digital noticeboard for events and activities

Develop a range of no-cost activities

Create safer cycle routes

Organise litter picking events

The Climate Emergency

We have to do our bit locally tackle climate change and reduce our carbon emissions. What brilliant ideas do you have to involve everyone in this, young and old, and really make a difference? Being more energy efficient, reducing our reliance on cars and fossil fuels, producing food locally - what do you think we as a community should do over the next decade?

Tell us what ideas you would like to see in action to make a difference in Huntly?

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Link Huntly to the Aberdeen energy diversification plans

Promote Huntly Food Hub that focuses on reducing food waste

Open access broadband

Create green space corridors throughout Huntly

Use resources from 'Keep Scotland Beautiful' in schools and local communities

Reinstate public transport links from outlying communities, especially for commuting time

Create a community compost scheme

Make electric car/bike schemes more visible

Lobby for more cycle paths

Develop a shared local heating system

Audit what resources we 'need' to bring in Huntly from outwith

Promoting the 'Re-Makery' project to encourage re-purposing

Review Conservation Area regulations or support those who cannot afford wooden double glazed windows

Energy reduction support for homes

High-speed broadband to enable less commuting

Ongoing improvement and development of paths/green transport links

Deliver insulation of homes and buildings

Partner with the university to develop a Climate Emergency plan and measure progress

Ask the community for their thoughts on how to make a difference

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