About Room to Thrive

Room to Thrive is a project running between March and September 2018. Instigated by the Huntly Town Team and working with icecream architecture and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) to kickstart a strategy to ensure Huntly is a thriving town for everyone.

A number of different activities will take place building towards a shared strategy:

Stage 1 – How's Huntly: The first step is building a picture of Huntly as it is today, by asking people from their perspective How's Huntly?

Stage 2 – Ideas Bank: Bringing together existing projects or plans and generating new ideas for Huntly into open bank of ideas, building consensus on what the priorities are and working out or testing how they could be delivered.

Stage 3 – The Strategy: Co-writing a strategy and vision for Huntly which can be taken forward to kickstart action and support funding.

For more information, or to get involved contact:


0141 237 8592

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